SteemPress has amazing benefits for WordPress users. This plugin is the bridge between you and the blockchain. It will cross-post your content to the steem blockchain with ease. If you are unsure what SteemPress is, or how to sign up, I will have an explanation article tomorrow.

If you want to find out more about the steem blockchain you can take a read of this article. What is steem – Blockchain and cryptocurrency

7 Amazing Benefits of SteemPress for WordPress Users

Benefits of SteemPress for WordPress Users

1.Innovation and early adoption

Blogging is so old, it’s getting hard to be innovative. But…

Blockchain technology is innovative. Since first used with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the technology has come along way.

The steem blockchain uses this technology in many unique ways. It offers a decentralized way of publishing, storing and sharing content on the web. At no out of pocket costs as it offers a freemium model. And with only a small deposit, limit restrictions are quickly removed.

Its unique proof of brain concept allows stakeholders to distribute upvotes of a value (known as rewards). The value of an upvote depends on many factors, one of which is the amount of stake one holds. Anyone can become a stakeholder and holding stake gives extra benefits too.

Using SteemPress to post to the steem blockchain gives you all the innovation and benefits the steem blockchain has to offer.

As the blockchain and SteemPress are in its infancy, you have a chance to become an early adaptor and start offering something unique to your readers.

Benefits of SteemPress for WordPress Users

You know the saying; the early bird catches the worm. This is the start of web3 and you have a chance to part own and part shape it.

2.Permanent record and storage of your publication

Once you publish to the steem blockchain, your publication can not be deleted. This gives you permanent storage of your content. It is retrievable should your WordPress hosting go down and you were to lose your content.

This also means your content can not be censored. But, private content syndication sites or apps can choose not to display your content.

3.Increased Reach

All posts made on the steem blockchain are published to The steem community is an active community. The traffic gets is around 9 million monthly visits. Don’t worry, this cross-posting does not harm your SEO as will set the canonical link to your original blog post.

Other apps may also publish/syndicate your content. With some apps, you must use specific tags for your content to be published on their apps.

4.Bidirectional Comments

SteemPress contains an option for bidirectional comments. This is an amazing feature on so many levels.

With Bidirectional comments, any comments left via your website are also published to the blockchain. Any comments left via steem are published on your WordPress site. So, it does not matter where someone views your article. They can engage with your content and you without having to visit your site. (and you will see it on your blog.) This can lead to increased engagement on your WordPress blog.

Comments and engagement are great for SEO. And also, for social proof when it comes to being authoritative online.

SEO benefits of steempress

5.Reward engagers

If you hold stake, you can distribute rewards, to those that engage on your posts via steem comments. You can do this by a simple upvote. A great example of this in use is the Learn and Earn activities offered by The Excel Club. The Excel Club blog posts are educational in nature. Readers are invited to take part in an activity after reading the post. If the reader answers the questions from the activity, The Excel Club rewards learners with upvotes.

6.Earn Rewards

Besides giving rewards, you can also earn rewards on your content. There are many curators on the steem blockchain seeking out content to reward. Votes from large curators are rather random. But a vote from a large curator can make a post-pay well. The SteemPress team also curates posts.

There are other ways to earn rewards with your content on the steem blockchain. Such as submitting your content to the many great content/writing contests held on the blockchain.


Meet other SteemPress users in the official SteemPress discord server. Or here with us on Blogging on the Block. Become part of the active community and you will make friends for life. Learn, share and grow together.

Are you ready to join Web3? Do you think you have it to become a SteemPress blogger? If so, apply to for a free steem account and they will help you on your way. Do you have some questions? Pop them in the comments section below and I will do my best to help you.


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