Growing a blog is difficult. Creating content for a living is hard. But I am here to help!

Welcome to Blogging on the Block. I’m Paula and this is my story.

Teaching Online Course

In 2010 I launched the website The Excel Club. At the time it served the purpose of hosting video courses sold to B2B customers. I had no blog and relied on real person networking, speaking events and partnerships to make sales. How old school right!?

Teaching online is a great career. In 2015 I published some of my courses on external course selling sites like Udemy. The benefits of this were massive to me. Selling outside of my own little country was suddenly in my reach. They brought the traffic and the sales came in.

Because the sales from external sites were coming in, I didn’t do anything to market The Excel Club online. A missed opportunity! Looking back it’s easy to see I relied on, to heavily, External Sites. I hope you learn from my mistake!

Finding Blockchain

In 2017 I realized I should be blogging and driving traffic to my site. Udemy and others take a large cut, and it was getting more and more difficult to make a decent living. I rebranded the site and upgraded the course hosting system,

And that’s when I found Steem. With the Cryptocurrency hype at the time, I was exploring options to sell my online course for Bitcoin when I happened across steemit. Steemit was the first app built on the steem blockchain. It allowed you to publish content, which is stored on the blockchain to a thriving community. I started blogging on steem, I got involved with the community and I have not looked back.

Steem has come along way since 2017. As a blockchain, It is a decentralized social platform with something for everyone. From fitness apps like Actifit to games like Steemmonsters. And of course, Steempress, the app I use to post my content to the blockchain. This has got to be the start of web 3.

Getting back to the story

In 2018 The Excel Club was a dying website. I moved my B2B sales to a UK partner for greater reach and so there was very very little traffic to the site. There was no online presence and there was no active blog. With all my time spent on steem and money still coming in for my courses, another year had passed. But the money was not coming in so fast now. I needed to take action.

In less than 12 months I have grown my blog from less than 4K views a month to over 17K views a month. But what’s more exciting is that I have connected The Excel Club to the steem blockchain. And I have launched a world-first, Excel learn and Earn activities on my blog posts. This was only possible with steem. The time spent blogging on steem and engaging with the steem community has given me valuable experience I can share with you. If you want to use the blockchain to propel your blog, I will teach you how.

The SEO research I have done. How I have improved my writing. What I have learned about Call to Actions. How to use content for inbound marketing. The work I have done to grow The Excel Club blog has given me value experience I can share with you.

Creating, publishing and selling online courses. I can help with that too.

And so I launched Blogging on the Block. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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