I finally did it. I launched Blogging on the Block. A website focused on helping Bloggers and content creators bring their blog to the steem blockchain.

This has been a long time coming. Last year I hooked The Excel Club up to the steem blockchain using Steempress and I have been feeling the benefits of the block since.

I had said for a long time, Steem and steempress need a success story to sell. Something to show other bloggers. With the growth that I have achieved over the last 12 months over on The Excel Club, and the learning I have done to get here, I have plenty to share. And I hope to help others make the same journey.

Right now, this is the first and only post on the site. Along with a story on the birth of Blogging on the Block. But there is so much to come, so watch this space.

Blogging on the blockchain

What is Blogging on the Block?

Blogging on the Block is website focused on helping bloggers grow their blog while using the steem blockchain. Its aimed at new and existing WordPress bloggers looking to be innovative and looking for ways to grow and monetize.

We will talk about all things steem and all things blogging. From SEO and hosting to influencer networking, exchanges, and hard forks.

And the blog is just the start. Soon we will have a community, training courses and much much more. All of which will utilize the steem blockchain. That’s right, steem is not just for blogging. Its a place where communities are formed and apps are created. When you take a training course with us, your progress report and certificate of completion will be stored on the block. So much to come, so little to share just yet! I can’t wait to get all these features live, and over time, this site will improve substantially.

Most of my follows on steem will know how passionate I am about the blockchain and the community. Now its time to take the passion and share it with the world. With other bloggers I know, with other online instructors I know and with all those, I don’t know.

There was always a bigger picture when I hooked The Excel Club up to steem, and this is it. I wanted to prove using steem for existing content creators has its benefits and can provide value. Think of all the bloggers out there that we should be attracting to steem, both new and established. Now I am on a mission to do so. With a new website in hand, I have much work to do.


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