I have been doing a bit of work on my website funnels lately.  Funnels are highly important in taking people through the process of browsing your website to becoming a customer.  Capturing email addresses is key to all of this.  Setting up an automatic email sequence will then reduce the workload and hopefully improve conversions.

The unique selling point on The Excel Club is the Learn and Earn Activities.  These are activities added to blog posts that allow the reader to practice what they have learned to get true value from the resource.  The solutions posted are then rewarded, by me, with upvotes.

There was a serious flaw in my previous funnel. The visitor to my blog were sent to signup.steemit.com at which stage I would lose track of them.  I had no funnel set up to collect their emails either.  This new funnel aims to address this and to take these learn and earn activities to a point of earning fiat revenue.

Made Easy with SteemPress

Now that SteemPress have guest accounts, there is no need for me to send users to signup.steemit.com.  SteemPress will take a user from a guest account to wallet holders.  That makes a massive difference in trying to get people to steem.  A distraction I didn’t need.  In the comments section, users can log in with their email addresses, making the process simple and straight forward. There is no need for them to leave my website.

Leaving me free to take the users on an Excel Learn and Earn journey.

My New Funnel

All posts link to a Learn and Earn information/getting started page.  Anyone that sign-ups for a free course with me also gets an email linking them to this page.  The user does not have to leave this page to sign up to steempress and give things a go.  Let’s call this my first landing page.

When users sign up to steempress, I do not get an opportunity to collect their emails and just like sending people to signup.steemit.com, once they go there, I lose control. 

To combat this, I have a second landing page which I will also link to from various sources.  Including a link from the first landing page. This second landing page aims to capture readers into an email sequence and take them on an Excel Learning journey.  The sequence sends them 8 resources that include learn and earn activities over a 2-week period.  At the end of the sequence, I have an amazing offer.

The Offer

“At the moment, the steem token is worth less than 20 cents on the Exchanges.  But only here on The Excel Club For only 20 steem tokens, you can claim a 50% discount off any of our courses. Let’s put that in context.  20 steem is worth less than €2.  a 50% discount on Access all Areas, Unlimited Excel Learning is €124.

To claim this discount, you must email me with the name of the course you wish to purchase, and I will send you instructions to claim your discount.  Simple and Easy.  

Explore All Courses Now

You had to admit, that is an amazing offer, right? I just hope its enough to convert users into fiat paying customers.  Only time will tell.  This won’t happen overnight.  One of the bigger issues is the number of activities needed to earn 20 steem from my vote.  I think if this gets any traction, I will consider leasing steem.  I think 10 activities for enough to claim such a discount is reasonable.

Okay so the transfer of steem in exchange for a discount code is a manual process via the steem wallets, and these extra steps always put people off.  But it’s a step in the right direction.  Thankfully the entire email sequence is automated and all I have to do is track and tweak. Let’s hope this website funnels works.

You can help

So there you have it, my new funnel.  Why don’t you give it a try, I published my second landing page right here on steem.  I hope you will consider visiting the page and leave a positive comment.  And if you want to learn Excel, sign up 😊

You could also support this by sharing the post across your social networks.  Everyone knows someone that needs to learn Excel.  And don’t forget to follow @theexcelclub steem account.

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